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Self Expression Through Dance With John Cole

John Cole says what he does is self Expression of his soul which he channels to create beautiful masterpieces of rhythm into the universe and we will say it. The world has noticed.

By Peggie Shangwa

GM: Welcome to The beat of the nation John. So many have been waiting for this and we are glad to have you. Take us into your world, who is John Cole?

John Cole: John Cole is many things just depends where, what we are doing at that moment in essence happy go lucky guy with a smile on my face always. However, I am a dance choreographer who serves the people and his nation with my God given talents which a lot of people have come to appreciate deeply and I am thankful for this.

GM:  Tell us about your day. What usually fills up your day?

John Cole: Well days are different some days are good some bad. Nonetheles, I start off with music to kick start the day and that's a pick me up. Then I have some good food, I love food 😃  After that I plan my meetings or rehearsals and boom it's this…

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