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G Voices

The Ancient Urban Poet

He describes himself as a character who links the ancient language to the modern sphere.He is the dynamic bilingual poet who uses humour,urban lingo and conveys thought provoking topics on the spoken word platform.He is Madzitatiguru-the Ancient Urban poet.And we at Groove magazine had an opportunity to speak to this young man,who had us in stitches with his poetry.This is the future of urban poetry...and a legend in the making...Madzitatiguru

Carnival Zimbabwe

Africa day

On the 25th of May,which was last Saturday,the central business district in Harare was vibrant with colour and music as Zimbabweans commemorated  Africa Day at the Zimbabwe Carnival.The streets were closed for the festivities,mainly Samora Machel and other roads,for the carnival march.Zimbabweans are truly a diverse people with a beautiful culture.

Africa for Africans....

Big Brother Africa:The Chase

Big Brother is watching you

Last night at 1900 hours Central African Time,the whole continent of Africa,just a day after commemorating Africa Day,was sitted and glued to the DSTv channel 197 and 198 as the representatives from different participating countries were being revealed.To open the show was Mafikizolo with their very colourful performance of their hit song,''Khona''.Presenter IK made a grand entrance on a motor bike,and to take a tour of the two Big Brother houses were comedians Tumi Morake from hosting nation,South Africa and Churchill from Kenya.

One by one the housemates were being unveiled,with the beautiful ladies having to choose their male housemates just with a smile.Representing Zimbabwe is fashionista Pokello and male model Hakeem.This is definitely going to be interesting.Our only hope is that they both play the game well,and not get chased away....Let the games begin!

In The Groove....

25 May:Africa Day

Africa for the Africans

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro,Victoria Falls,the Sahara desert,the Serengeti,Goree....and we could go on about the beautiful landscapes,historical monuments and wonderful cities of the Motherland.25 May is the day of African unity which has come to be known as Africa day.This the day when the then,Organisation of African Unity,now African Union was founded in 1963,by the first independant African states.

Now all of Africa is independant,and on this day we as Africans reflect on our achievements,and try to find solutions to our current challenges.This year,Zimbabweans are commemorateing this day in a colourful,festival of Carnival.We bring the islands to our landlocked country and also showcase our very own culture.

This is our Motherland;this is Africa!

Happy Africa Day to all Africans

Under The Groove

Zim's got Talent....across the globe!
We at Groove magazine Zimbabwe recently had a chat with Capetown based Zimbabwean hiphop artist,Kapital K.This guy is going somewhere and we believe that we have the next best export from Africa coming from this young man.We believe that K stands for "King".Watch out world...Zim's got talent.....

Celebrating cultural diversity

Sistaz Open Mic

What a weekend!The Book Cafe was filled with so much life and of course A-list sisters doing their thing last Saturday 18 May 2013.In celebration of Carnival and the international week of cultural diversity and exchange,FLAME Pamberi Trust hosted their monthly Sistaz Open Mic,a platform given to upcoming female artists in various disciplines of the arts.

The event was graced by established female artists including Hope Masike,Batsirai E Chigama,Edith WeUtonga,Sister Flame,and the after party with the energetic,Kessia.The ladies definitely were bringing it on.We cannot wait for the next ladies' afternoon at the open mic....

Groove Urbanite

Whatz In....

Because we are an urban magazine we are here to ensure that we are in tune with the trends.From music to events to even the news,(we do not do gossip).So far what has been hip and happening:

Zimbabwean Hip Hop

They have got swag.Their lyrics are ill(urban lingo for 'cool').And they even rap in vernacular. Zimbabwean hip hop is rising and we are proud to have the youngsters from this nation making their mark.With acts such as Tehn Diamond, Junior Brown,who together with music-producer Take Fizzo, make up the outfit,"Three Kings'',then the reigning "Queen",DJ Naida,(representing the ladies),South African based, Kapital K and the trio MMT, amongst others,are flooding the airwaves with dope beats and definitely proudly Zim lyrics.Watch this space...


It was wonderful to have more Zimbabwean acts on the HIFA programme slot this year.There were also collaborations with other artists from other countries,namely daughters of legends Selmor Mtuk…

Blogger mania

The Groove Columns

Groove magazine appreciates and supports all things hip,urban and of course,from right here in Zimbabwe.One of our most interesting features are our amazing columnist writers,and bloggers.They are young and totally in the groove.They touch on different topics with humour and wit.They will keep you hooked,it will be hard not to look forward to the next magazine issue.

To get you started you can follow: point of view! by Lady
Life With Lance :) by

....and there is lots more from where that came from.....

The Joys of motherhood

Famous Mum

Beautiful,nurturing,life giver are some of the words used for a ''mother".Mother is so powerful,that even the very earth that we live in is given maternal traits.It is because of mothers that the nations stand proud and that we are all part and pass of these women.We celebrated Mothers Day with a wonderfully talented,famous mum.She is a representation of the modern African woman,and her beautiful voice is that of strength and elegance.We had a 'jazzy' and soulful interview with non other than Dudu Manhenga,as she shared her experiences in motherhood.....


Putting The Ignition into your day!

Put on your running shoes and get your day started with ZiFM Stereo's breakfast show,with the highly energetic TinTin and Teekay Katsande,(yes,of relation).Groove magazine got time to sit down and chat with the Victor Awards winners,(and truly well deserved).The energy and the chemistry was completely off the chain.These two will definitely keep our mornings going....

Welcome To Groove magazine

Editor's letter

Welcome to Groove magazine,a world full of creativity and where you find your favourite celebrities.Yes,celebrities,and we celebrate them.Groove is not just a magazine but a lifestyle.I am excited about our build up as we are working tirelessly to give you an exciting first issue.

Events,celebrity interviews,profiles and lots of entertainment is in store for the readers.We are giving everyone the best of both worlds,online and in print.

Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter as we interact with you and the whos-whos in Groove world.

Keep on reading as we bring you the art of living.

Groove Magazine Zimbabwe....the beat of the nation!

Elspeth Chimedza
Editor in Chief