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MUSIC Part of the urban lifestyle is socialisng and getting together.One of the most influential places of socialisation are clubs.Now we are not talking to the under 18s who do not know what a pay slip looks like.Young people go to clubs for entertainment,a way to unwind from a hectic working week and of course to dance.And who makes us dance....the music and the dj.A new trend has been set where club djs are now being featured on radio and have their own slots as they get you all into the party mood.

We at Groove magazine give the club djs the platform to showcase themselves and let them tell you where the party at?So where's the party at?Follow Groove magazine's track....

Groove magazine.....the beat of the nation!

We all probably know about the Hollywood walk of fame.The place in California,south central Boulevard where the best of the best are awarded 'stars' for their achievement.We at Groove Magazine also award stars to international artists who have influenced our urban culture and music.Hair,clothes,music and everything else in between.We go through their careers and see their highs and lows and justify why they should receive the Groove magazine 'Star power'.Who's your favourite star?

Groove magazine.....the beat of the nation!


Bringing the groove back         With David Chifunyise

Catchy lyrics and a great flow that is what we knew him for.With hits like"Tauya naye","Sarudzai" and the call to unity with "Glass of mahewu",we can only say that David Chifunyise struck the right chords when it came to revolutionizing urban music in Zimbabwe especially with vernacular...which was pretty cool...and has become the trend with current urban music.Now more than a decade has passed and our urban music is growing,the question that has been on everyone's mind is,"Where did David Chifunyise go?"Well he is around and has been working on a new album amongst other projects and we have the exclusive.

GM.: Welcome to Groove Magazine Zimbabwe.Talking about groove,you are one of the pioneers of the movement of urban music.How far has this movement come in the last 13 years?

David: It's good to be here at Groove Magazine (smiles).Urban music in Zimbabwe has grown.The term &…

Album Reviews Album reviews are the make and break of an artists album.They affect sales and the success of an album which also influences an artist receiving awards. Are you an artist and you want your album reviewed?Do you need assistance in pushing sales?We at Groove magazine review your music.Send us your links or CDs or invite us to your album listening party,alongside other key players in the music industry and let help make your album a success.We post on our social media platforms your music and ask the fans to rate your music.In our publications we also rate your music and music from around the world using Groove speakers;so it's 1 to 5 groove speakers.Artists this is your platform,send your links or drop your CDs by Groove Magazine and let us help you make a living out of your art.....through album sales of
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Who is hot on our meter?We at Groove magazine have a meter that we use to rate an artist's hotness.and you the readers help us identify and rate which artists are making waves on the charts around our beautiful continent of Africa.From their songs to their music videos to their popularity ratings we rate them.So let us rate our wonderfully talented African brothers and sisters!