Groove Playlist: Most Beautifully written Zimbabwean songs

Most Beautifully written Zimbabwean songs
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There are many elements that are put into a song and one of them are lyrics. Lyrics give a story line to song; they are the one thing that are relational between the artist and the listener. There are thousands of beautifully written songs that have been hits and others have become classics. Some artists have the gift to write, compose and sing a song whilst others will either be amazing vocalists without writing skills, or vice-versa, amazing writers but failed vocalists. As an industry that is still growing, the music in Zimbabwe is still trying to establish that structure where people are known for their respective skills especially in penning down a composition. We have a few but known song writers although very little credit is really given to these "geniuses" in structuring words, telling stories and emotions into something that the ordinary listener could comprehend. Today on the groove playlist we take you on a journey of some of the best written songs in Zimbabwe by people you probably didn't think could actually write.

Pasina Iwe

Performed by: Sanii Makhalima and Plaxedes Wenyika
Written by: Delani Makhalima

So this song is about love and friendship where the protagonists share their sentiments about being "lost without"the next person. "Pasina Iwe" means without you; so without you I would be lost. Probably one of the best duets to date by Zimbabwe's prolific and pioneering artists from the 21st century (early 2000s); this song makes you weep with joy and also make you feel fuzzy and you would probably want to dedicate it to your loved one.

Best Lyric: "Pasina iwe,shamwari yangu/Pasina iwe, ndochema nani/Unomira neni, mumarwadzo/Zvondiremera...Pasina iwe, ndomira nani..."

Ruva Rangu

Performed by: Several artists including Pied Pipers, Jazz Invitation, David Chifunyise etc
Written by: Folk

"Ruva Rangu" means my flower and the protagonist is sharing their love that is as fragile and delicate as a flower. There is a part where the protagonist is pining away and misses their love wishing for their return because their absence is literally making the heart grow fonder. This is like a timeless classic in the Zimbabwean hall of fame of greatest songs and has been sung/rendition by a number of modern day artists.

Best Lyric: "Ruva rangu/Ndiwe chete/Ndiwe muridzi wemoyo wangu...Mambakwedza mudiwa wangu ndino tarisa mufananidzo wako ndichifunga kwauri kure kure"

Ndiri Pano

Performed by: Willom Tight
Written by: Willom Tight

Willom Tight is undeniably an artist par excellence. Whether he is playing an instrument, singing a song, performing or penning it down, Willom shows diversity in the topics he chooses to write about and well we have to hand it to him for stirring the right 'emotions' linked to the songs. This song is about a lover who gives complete assurance that he will always be there for his lover and he is committed to his lover.

Best Lyric: "Kana usipo moyo wangu unorwadza..."


Performed by: Trinity
Written by: Trinity

From the 2004/5 'Chamhembe Plus' album (one of the most prolific urban music albums), "Jesa" which also featured the talented and very controversial, Roki, is a story about forbidden love. In the true essence of story telling, 'Jesa' starts of in the traditional Zimbabwe folk narrative manner, opening with 'Paivepo' (once upon a time) and the protagonist talks about a young woman, chief's daughter who falls in lover with a young, poor man who plays the drum. The young man is murdered by the chief's guards bringing great sorrow to the 'princess'. The'man' returns as a bird 'jesa' and begins to sing for the mourning princess, (and that's the best part). There is no denying that this song had something unique and great going on with it.

Best Lyric: "Waiva mwedzi wechirimo/Waindipa Zvandaida/Ndaikupa mwana mufaro/Kwose kwauchaenda..."

Miss Music

Performed by: M'Afriq
Written by: Tunga T, Pauline and Mugo

Again, this is one of the most disappointing groups from the "urban grooves" era mainly because they didn't reach their full potential in terms of musical success. "Miss Music" is featured on M'Afriq's 2006/7 debut album which also featured their hits "Ndokuudza Sei?" and "Chizevezeve". Not popular with most people, (unless one owned a copy of the original cd), but "Miss Music" shows lyrical prowess from the protagonists being two rappers, M'Afriq's one-third, Tunga T and Mugove a.k.a Mugo and the talented female vocalist, also a third of M'Afriq, Pauline who made love to the hook. The first rap is sick,read:
"A thumping baseline/I love your design/Subwoffers amplified below your waistline/I would love to turn you on so that you can play my favourite song..."
We could go on but this song should have gotten airplay and sadly was proof that M'Afriq could have gone very far, but got to love this song.

Best Lyric: "I wanna be the music in your life/The instruments that play inside of you/ Make you feel alright.."


Performed by: Kelvin Gudu and Muzi
Written by: Kelvin Gudu and Muzi

Tombofara means let us rejoice/be happy and so this song made people happy in the early 90s where the Bulawayo based duo crooned R&B like never before in Zimbabwe. This song was one of those love songs that quickly caught on to anybody who listened and the vocals by these guys...uhhmm. The song itself two people getting married and the joy of the union.

Best Lyric: "Kana vakaita ruchivo, Hapana chinombobatsira.../Tombofara/Kana takuchata..."


Performed by: Leonard Dembo
Written by: Leonard Dembo

Leonard Dembo will forever remain one of Zimbabwe's greatest folk/sungura artists and undeniably "Chitekete" is a timeless classic that has been played at parties, weddings and it was so good that in 1996 it was played at the Miss World beauty pageant, held in Namibia. Who knew? And yes, right now we are bopping our heads and singing along to this song. The protagonist praises his lover's beauty and virtue and her worth to be a muroora. Guess some people need to take notes from this old school songwriter and bring in the suave.

Best Lyric: “Fungai ruva rechitekekte, chamai nababa; Pane zvino vatadza kurara; Nekufunga iwe, chitekete; Fungai ruva rechitekekte, watondipa musengwa; Handichakwanisa kufunga kana kurara . . .”


Performed by: Mateo & Friends
Written by: Matthew Kaunda and Willom Tight

This is the "meeting" song. Ideally this song would be placed in rural Zimbabwe, or a pre-modern era where courtship and relationships were taken seriously. The song is about two lovers making an appointment to meet under an indigenous tree 'muhacha'. The male asks questions needing reassurance if the lady wont stand him up and the female vocalists, a then young Patience Musa reassures the male protagonist by singing, "...Zvingakona sei kuti ndiuye? Zngakona sei kuti tisangane?"...Well, we believe they met under the tree and lived happily ever after! Talk about dating a la old school.

Best Lyric: "Kana zuva riye rorereka huya mudiwa/Mujinga regomo, pamuhacha huya,huya mudiwa..."

I Don't Know Why I Love You

Performed by: Kudzai Sevenzo
Written by: Andrew Baird

Have you ever been in love that you can't explain why? Well this song just does that. This 2005/6 song made audiences fall in love with the sultry voiced Kudzai Sevenzo even more. She was introduced to the music scene as a gospel artist and this song was a good diversion which showed versatility and yet maintained Kudzai very collected personality which resonated through her music. And of course applause to one of the greatest composers from this country, Andrew Baird.

Best Lyric: "I don't know why I love you/Idon't why I need you/The way that I need you is just like the next heartbeat/I love you and I don't know why"

Hold On

Performed by: Audius Mtawarira
Written by: Audius Mtawarira

Now who can discredit world acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer Audius Mtawarira. The man just knows how to pen down those relatable topics. This song is far from his usual "love" songs that made him earn a reputation as one of those R&B dons from Zimbabwe, although then Australian based. Sampling Uncle Sam's "When I See You Smile", "Hold On" is about the protagonist appreciating their mother's sacrifices and encouraging her to stay strong despite the challenges. The song has two versions, (we prefer the Shona version) and it is one of those songs penned down simply but with a powerful message.

Best Lyric: "I know sometimes you want to give up/ Hold on/You've come too far/Hold on cause God's gonna take care of you..."

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