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Profile: Nqobizitha Enqore Mlilo

Profile: Nqobizitha Enqore Mlilo

Name: Nqobizitha Mlilo
Born: 9 July 1984
Occupation: Founder of Nafuna TV, digital artist, film-maker, animator and Hip-Hop poet.

Groove Honour: Animator extrodinaire


Now this is one man we would like to sit down and not only chat with but have a few lessons in creating great, (and original) animation characters. Nqobizitha Mlilo popularly known by his a.k.a Enqore is like a cool, but nerdy samurai, well because he is a strategist, innovator and he is just cool like that. Earlier this year he managed to fly the Zimbabwean flag high by making it to the top five of Google’s Africa Connected Top Innovators. Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Enqore is what we may categorise as 'genius' as he taught himself animation and related skills which led him to do some consulting in Rwanda. Enqore has many initiatives and companies that he is involved in and part of including Enqore also played an instrumental role in setting up JAAG, the Joint Afrikan Animation Group trust, an organisation for the creation of an animation industry in Zimbabwe and ultimately Afrika; Enqore Media Group, a production company and the Nafuna brand. This year he created the first animated Zimbabwean viral series called Angry Mwana which are 30 second animations staring angry Mwana, a belligerent and opinionated character. Enqore  has directed and produced over 26 music videos. he has created 3 animated short films as well as current work on a documentary project. One of the most recent music videos that he directed was rapper, Tehn Diamond's hit song, "Happy", which got played on prestigious African music channel, Channel O. As a hip hop poet, Enqore started at high school were he was into rapping and graff-writing and released a mix-tape in 2009 called, "Ctrl-alt-Del". With the Nafuna brand, mainly Nafuna TV, which he works with his wife, Aura, where they follow urban trends and an alternative form of entertainment not found on traditional channels. Nafuna also specialises in 2D and 3D animation. Enqore has already set a standard and from the looks of things Zimbabwe has a bright future in animation, technology and filmography and even if everybody else legs behind, Enqore will be ahead...


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