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"Soko Matemai' Bringing Us Back to our Roots

By Peggie Shangwa

In a fraternity where your ego comes with the territory is a young man whose humility is very admirable. He has had a great year which has put his music across borders, placed him on platforms where he shares the stage with established artists and has received rave reviews for his debut. In the great sea of hip hop this young man goes by the name Sharky and his debut album ‘Soko Matemai’ has given many of this generation the pride of their totems, a part of our identity not only as Zimbabweans but as Africans. Hailing from the small town, Chitungwiza, Sharky bridges traditional Zimbabwean sounds with modern hip hop pegging his sound uniquely and giving an appreciation of a genre that is finding its way to the hearts of the masses. From the time that this interview was conducted, Sharky won the coveted ‘Album of the Year’ at the Zim Hip Hop awards and is preparing for a bigger year in music in 2017. But in the meantime, let’s get to know more about ‘Soko Matemai’:

GM: W…

Know Your Music: How to Make Music Business Work for you

Entertainment business 101 for the Zimbabwean

By Elspeth Chimedza

Check every blog, newspaper, radio, podcast, Whatsapp group, or just in conversation, one will find that there’s the consistent back and forth in debate about the progress of Zimbabwean music and entertainment overall. Everyone seems to be a connoisseur when it comes to what makes a successful entertainer in or from Zimbabwe or what a Zimbabwean entertainer should look, or sound like. There are examples of many successful home grown Zimbabweans as well as those in the diaspora and they share different stories of how they got to where they are as well as being rewarded for it.

So many of us aspire to have success, fame and bank accounts like Beyoncé, Puff Daddy, Oprah, Lupita Nyong’o, Tyler Perry, Anna Wintour or Sir Richard Branson, depending on which sector of entertainment that you are in but do we understand how to merge talent or passion with money. How do we get the buy in of the corporates and even more, the gener…

Late Post:Album Review: Beyoncé-Lemonade

Album Review: Beyoncé-Lemonade

By Elspeth Chimedza

Artist: Beyoncé
Album: Lemonade
Release date: 23 April 2016
No. of tracks: 12

Ever since its release on the 23rd of April, Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, ‘Lemonade’ has caused quite the stir whilst breaking the internet. The album has caused conversation something I believe that Queen Bey herself expected from her most personal project to date which has also caused different opinions across the board from fans to media to music critics.

Beyoncé’s loyal allegiance of fans the Beyhive has literally swarmed and has been stinging any alleged female rumoured or suspected of being ‘Becky with the good hair’, in the case of Jay Z’s ‘mistress’ with the first target being designer, Rachael Roy. Roy for the longest time has been the centre of rumours of having an affair with the hip hop mogul including being the reason for what went down in the elevator at the Met Gala back in 2014. But Roy hasn’t been the only one stung by the queen’s fans as B…

Singer George Michael Dies At 53

Wham's 'Last Christmas' has always been a favourite for many Christmas playlist but this Christmas was a very sad day as British award winning singer-songwriter George Michael died at the age of 53.According to reports George was found dead in his bed at his Oxfordshire home, by his partner, Fadi Fawaz on Christmas day. George's family and publicist still await post mortem results however it is reported that police say they were treating the death as unexplained but there were no suspicious circumstances.George Michael was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou on 25 June 1963 rose to fame in the 80s as part of the group Wham! which had hits such as 'Wake Me Up' and 'Last Christmas' and then went on to have a successful solo career having sold more than 80 million records worldwide. His 1987 debut solo album, 'Faith', sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and featured the hit singles 'Faith' and 'Careless Whisper'. He also collab…

Know Your Music: Class of 2015

Graduates of the Class of 2015

Every year we are working on that talent search tip to look for the next big artists to come out of Zimbabwe and usually we find them. After a year, we revert back and make a follow-up to check out the progress of our predictions. A lot can happen in one year but that depends on one’s persistence as well a bit of luck from the universe but we all know that opportunities come to everybody and life is what you make it.
So how well did our Class of 2015 perform in the year 2016? Find out below:
Achievements so far:When the artist now known as Verseless said that he was going to keep us busy, he wasn’t joking. In 2016 he’s put out so much music at times it’s been hard to keep track however to date he has four EPs which include ‘Home’, ‘Reflections’, ‘One Can’t Relate to This (The Remixes)’, ‘V for Verseless’ and an album ‘Antithesis: Light’. He also released in June ‘The Vault’ with dancer Tendai Guzha and pegged his own genre ‘Afro Future’ which is b…

Groove Awards: Producers of 2016

By Elspeth Chimedza

Now 2016 is the year that most people around the world wish never happened due to the chaos caused by geo-socio political issues domestically and on the foreign front.
In entertainment, we lost a lot of greats including Alan Thicke, Gene Wilder, Mandoza, Prince, David Bowie and Natalie Cole to name but a few. But we also saw a year of great music from hit singles to explosive comebacks to astounding newcomers to number one albums.
On the Zimbabwean scene, the music in 2016 showcased the competitiveness that Zimbabwean artists have to go global with our MVP of 2016 Jah Prayzah winning a coveted continental award. We have had hit singles, albums to rave about and this is all thanks to a group of often underestimated individuals behind the scenes.
So in their circles they often call themselves 'gods' because they have a longer lifespan than most artists careers combined and we call them the magicians who conjure beats and sounds that make listeners want to …

Know Your Music: Class of 2016

By Elspeth Chimedza

Every year new artists emerge from obscurity and work hard to prove themselves that they aren't 'one hit wonders' but stars in the making. In 2016 we have enjoyed the music coming out from Zimbabwe and there are so many gems that we have discovered along the way.

So who are the rookies of 2016 that make up our class of the year?
Check out below the stars of 2017 and the future of Zimbabwean music:
Vitals: Yes life is a roller coaster but 18 year old Thamsanqa Moyo better known as Tamy has been prepared for the ride since she was seven years old. Passionate about children's rights the young singer whom we have dubbed as 'little Ammara' has been the ambassador of Child line as well as performing at Madison Square Gardens. This year she released her sophomore album 'The 18th Roller coaster' which is a follow-up to her debut album 'Celebrate Yo Lyf'. Not a girl but not yet a woman, Tamy took a mature route with 'The 18th …