Marcques Debuts 'ALYVE' Album And Sounds Different

In the second half of what has been a prolific year for the top tier artists in the Zimbabwean hip hop community, we have just received a long awaited project from the talented artist Marcques, that promises to be a career defining moment for the rapper. After the drums of his hit song, 'Zunguza', sent shock waves and left ripple effects in the industry in 2013, there was a lot of speculation regarding when we would receive a full length project offering to keep the momentum riding high for the promising young star. Now, a few album title changes, radio hits and collaborative projects later, we finally have something to listen to entitled ALYVE.

This marks his first solo album and already has generated a few years worth of anticipation and excitement. March of this year, he returned as part of the new musical super group, VERYUS, with his first single of the year "Type YaMudhara", a bass driven, club friendly ode to independent women he seemingly has an affinity for. It's a sound that the rap star has been renowned for over the years, but he promises that this new body of work will help his artistry transcend beyond the expectations as he strives to dip his hands into a different pot of sounds and sonically expand his horizons. With a modern day virtuoso such as Verseless helming production, we are sure to hear something that takes us by surprise, but never at the expense of quality. The results of their discreet working relationship has apparently helped them coin a title for their new product, "AFRO-RAP'.

The title ALYVE is apparently an acronym for "Always Love Your Very Existence" Potentially  new creed he lives by that could be applied in the conceptualization of his new material. The album boasts a number of 14 tracks that should certainly hold his listeners over, and wipe the memory of his absence clear from their minds as he reclaims his position as one of the most revered acts we have in music.

If you want to get a copy of the album, simply ECOCASH $5 to +263 777 205 639, send a screenshot of your confirmation message to the same number and the album will be sent directly to you via email or Whatsapp.     

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