The Hangout Duo Show

The Hangout Duo show is an online show showcasing young African creative artists living in Capetown and also exploring topics to do with entertainment, brands,youth entrepreneurship.The show will be hosted by Donovan Faranando, Mitchie Mbele and Nompumelelo Nteyi and it will be produced and directed by Donovan Faranando and Michael Jojo.

Basically is a platform to show the world how African creative artist are changing the game in the creative industry.

The first episode will premiere in August and date to be announced and it features Boris Van Haupt (musician),Phile Mazibuko (graphic designer) and Denver Nazima (model). We are on Facebook and Instagram as The Hangout Duo.

"Our first episode premieres during the second week of August and it will be screened on YouTube and Facebook. Digital broadcast is indeed the new way to go nowadays and it is something that we are embracing. People can subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page.

"Our guest list for the first episode includes Boris Van Haupt (musician), Phile Mazibuko (graphic designer), Denver Nazima (model) and Brand Collective", said Faranando, co-founder of this unique initiative.

Donovan describes The Hangout Duo as a platform for showcasing (and networking) Africa's young brilliant minds and a show on which a potpourri of issues will be discussed.'

"The Hangout Duo is an online show showcasing young African creative artists living in Capetown and will be exploring topics to do with entertainment, brands, events, fashion and youth entrepreneurship, to mention but a few.

"Our aim for the show is to create a visual creative space for our culture and to bring all young African creative artists to collaborate and network with each other", he said.

Everything has its own particular background or 'story of origin', we sought to find out from Faranando what theirs is.

"My High School friend Mitchelle Mbele and I moved to Capetown, South Africa from Zimbabwe to pursue our careers and studies but we couldn't get any information about how fellow creative minds behaved, what they got up to or better yet, where these creative artists hung out and the challenges they were facing. That is how the concept for the show came about.

"The idea for the show itself came to life on the 15th May 2017 while having coffee at our favourite shop called Brand Collective in Capetown", he said.

From the look of things, all is on course for a vibrant tv show and Donovan gave us an idea of the response that the show has so far garnered and what it was like 'behind the scenes'.

"The response we have been getting has been nothing short of overwhelming. So many creative artists want to be part of our show. Our social media network audience is growing by the day",
"Before each shoot we make sure our guests and presenters have the best clothes and make up (laughs) and we also take the time to check our set and scripts before we shoot. So far we have shot a wide-variety of events and all that is left to shoot are the interviews with our guests", said Faranando.

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